Winter activities

Addison After School Activity Schedule Winter 2022

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MP TablesEasy Spanish
Imagination CirclePeninsula youth theater
Imagination TablesPeninsula youth theater
Basketball HoopsOne on One Basketball
BlacktopEuro Tennis
FieldRun for Fun
TrackJoys Jackrabbits
Inner GardenChess
Kinder tables
ProgramStart WeekStart TimeEnd WeekEnd Time
Chess1/11/22After School3/15/223:45 PM
Theater1/11/22After School3/27/222:30 PM
Running1/11/22After School3/2/222:15 PM
Basketball1/11/22After School5/26/223:45 PM
Spanish1/11/22After School3/10/223:10 (k-3) 3:35 (4-5)
Tennis1/21/22After School3/4/223:20 PM
Cooking (virtual)1/11/224 PM3/15/22