Student Programs

Addison has many great enrichment programs for our students, thanks to the help of our wonderful parent volunteers! PTA-funded student programs are free for all students. The noon activites taking place during lunchtime recess and include chorus, art, science, dance parties, and the Lego building cart. Programs are available for all 1st – 5th graders throughout the school year – and kinders are welcome to join when kinder lunch access permits.

Noon Chorus

Come sing with us! Each Wednesday during lunch recess children in 1st-5th grades meet to learn new songs and sing old favorites. The chorus performs throughout the year. All are welcome to join – no prior singing experience required.

Zoom in to make musical magic with great songs and fun friends, Grades 1 thru 5… All shower singers, car karaoke lovers, inner rock stars, poet souls, Broadway babes and anyone who wants to sing their heart out is welcome.  Every Wednesday at 11am:

Zoom link:

Student Assemblies

The PTA sponsors educational and entertaining speakers at student assemblies several times per year. During the MP Room construction, this program is on hiatus.

Birthday Book Club

Addison students can celebrate their birthdays by choosing a special Birthday Book at the Addison library. Their birthday book will be marked with a sticker with the child’s name on it. Check the school calendars for dates.

Field Day

At the end of every year, Addison hosts a Field Day where kids engage in free play activities and class relay races. This event relies heavily on parent volunteers to help man the activity stations.

Partnership with Children’s Theater

Every other year Addison partners with the Palo Alto Children’s Theater to stage a children’s performance as part of their Outreach Productions Program. The PTA provides funding for this program, and PTA volunteers work with PACT to organize rehearsals and provide supervision during rehearsals and performances.