Addison PTA celebrates and supports the diversity of its community! Here is a list of PTA-run programs that ensure all members can take advantage of the educational and social opportunities at Addison.

Helping Hands

The Addison community has a program based on volunteers to provide meals and errands for any family that is facing a crisis. This program would not be successful were it not for the volunteering efforts of you. Please fill in the volunteer page if you’d like to help out with Helping Hands.


Addison PTA is committed to providing access to all PTA programs and events for all Addison families, regardless of income.  Many of our programs and events are free of charge, and scholarships are available for programs and events that charge a fee. If you would like to attend a fee-based PTA program or event, please inquire about scholarships at the front office.

Buddy Program

Being a new family at a school isn’t easy. To make Addison as friendly and inclusive as possible, new families are paired with a “buddy” family to have a personal resource and connection to the Addison community.

Special Education

Every year the Special Education Committee organizes Unity Day.