PiE at Addison

Partners in Education (PiE) is committed to educational excellence for every student in the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD). PiE works in partnership with parents and the community to raise funds to provide an educational experience beyond what is possible with public dollars. At Addison PiE funds support:

  • General Classroom Aides, to ensure that all classrooms receive vital classroom aide time daily. Aides are a tangible, integral part of every child’s classroom experience at Addison, and PiE funds pay for all of their time.
  • Time with Bill the Science Guy from the Junior Museum and Zoo, which ensures that all students received hands-on, experiential, and fun science instruction. PiE funds cover 100% of this program.
  • Spectra Art benefits all classrooms with regular art instruction to build student confidence and artistic expression. PiE funds pay for all of this program.
  • Reading specialist time to help coach both teachers and students.
  • A counseling intern to provide needed social and emotional support and services for Addison children and families two days per week.

This is only possible if we all contribute. If you have already given to PiE — thank you!

Find out more about what PiE does for Addison and download your donation form here.

If not, we ask families to consider donating $1,200 per child but please donate whatever feels comfortable for your family, whether that is more or less than $1,200.

You can donate online here: http://www.papie.org/donate

Questions? Please email your PiE team at addison@papie.org.