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Walk & Roll Week

On Monday April 15, Addison will kick-off our Spring “Walk & Roll” week. This event gives our students a chance to join millions around the world who choose to walk, bike, ride the bus, and carpool instead of solo driving to school. If you need to drive to school, you can still participate by parking a couple blocks from campus and walking from there. There are great reasons to participate:

  • With fewer cars, there will be less traffic congestion, less pollution, and a safer school route for everyone
  • Walking & bicycling feels good because it is healthy exercise, and
  • It’s FUN!!

Starting Tuesday morning, look out for fun activities for Addison walkers, bikers, scooters, bussers, joggers, and poolers! Find more information about the Palo Alto PTA “Safe Routes to School” programs at Huge thanks to Temina Madon for leading this effort. If you’d like to volunteer to help with April 2024 Walk & Roll week it’s not too late: just email