Your 2017-2018 Addison PTA Board

Hello Addison Parents!

It takes an army to run this school – a wonderful, creative army of parents who organize lunch-time activities, after-school activities, community-building activities and fundraisers of all kinds.  The following parents have volunteered their time to our community for the overall educational experience for our children.  Thank you in advance for your service and commitment in the following PTA roles!

2017-18 Addison PTA Slate
Executive Board Positions Volunteers & Committee Chairs
President JC Renners
Executive Vice President Tamlin Connel-Kinnan
VP Events & Fundraising
VP Outreach & Membership Jen Ko
VP Safety & Education Jeanette Kiessling and Laurent Williams
VP Communications Wendie Karel & Sarah Gibbs
Secretary Sharyn Efimoff
Treasurer Adrienne Germain
Financial Secretary Rachel Thomas
Auditor Joanna Chai
Historian Dawn Sue
Parliamentarian Lesley Phillips
Community Building Events Volunteers & Committee Chairs
Principal Coffees Danielle Pashalidis
Back to School Coffee Jeanette Kiessling
Hoedown Peter Drekmeier, Doug Hagan, Peter Phillips, Alex Comsa
Halloween Breakfast Missy Reller, Rachel Thomas & Meredith Ackley
Ice Skating Parties Lauren Williams & Purvi Kapadia
Heritage Dinner Yulie Law
Field Day Ben Ladomirak
5th Grade Promotion Reception Marion Beach
SF Giants Event Coordinator Sonia Sethi, Lauren Williams and Joanna Finnis
Fundraising Volunteers & Committee Chairs
Auction Chairs Sharyn Efimoff & Purvi Kapadia
Book Fair Saudamini Damarla, Jeongyoung Kim & Heike Runne
Books Inc. Nights Purvi Kapadia & Jazmin LeBlanc
eScrip Coordinator Lauren Williams
Community Outreach  Volunteers & Committee Chairs
Helping Hands Jamie Merkel
New Families Buddy Coordinator Rochelle Gerstner & Divya Sharma
Kinder Playdate & Potluck Coordinator Jamie Merkel and Stephanie Seale
Room Parent Coordinator Dawn Sue
T-Shirt Coordinator Mike Popek
May Fête Float – 2017 David Vinokur
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Jamie Merkel and Kim Li
Special Ed & Inclusion Rep
PAUSD Health & Wellness Rep Sumita Vasudeva
Education  Volunteers & Committee Chairs
Parent Ed Co-Chairs Lauren Williams
Used Book Sale Jillian Maxim
Noon Chorus Joanna Finnis, Danielle Pashilidas & Jillian Maxim
Noon Art Jenny Hobbs
Noon Science
After School Programs Gal Dor & Christine Cho
Library Volunteer Coordinator Jen Ko
Birthday Book Club Sharon Hoffman & Jamie Merkel
Sustainability & Green Team Coordinator Peter Phillips
Family Science Night Mary Shapero & Vanessa Schreve
Family Math Night
PTA Student Assemblies Jennifer Ott Cameron
ABC with Project Cornerstone Dyan Hessenthaler & Jeremy O’Brien
Health and Safety Volunteers & Committee Chairs
Emergency Preparedness
Bike Safety Sarah Gibbs
Traffic Safety Liaison Peter Phillips
Lost & Found Closet Managers Lauren Williams, Marion Beach, Jane Kirk
Communications  Volunteers & Committee Chairs
BTS Packet Coordinator Lauren Williams
Addison eAdvisor Editor Anita Fiedel
Webmasters Sarah Gibbs and Wendie Karel
Calendar Managers Danielle Pashilidis
Postmaster Mark Crady & Lesley Phillips
Yearbook Coordinator Lauren Williams