PTA Membership

Please join the Addison PTA!

Your membership directly impacts your child’s education. Your participation strengthens our school community.

The PTA raises funds to support a variety of initiatives that enhance your child’s education. Student assemblies, noon enrichment activities, classroom supplies, library books, community events, family nights, and more are funded through PTA membership dues.
As a PTA member, you can share your ideas and concerns, meet and volunteer with other parents and vote on matters of concern to our school community. PTA meetings are open to everyone. Meetings are generally held the second Thursday of each month in the Addison Kids’ Club portables. You can find the PTA meetings on the
Addison PTA calendar here. Please come!

Please join Addison PTA. Our strength is in our numbers. You count.

Member Information (This information is required.) As a non-profit, the national PTA must legally have a record of the names and addresses of each of its members. This form must be completed even if you also use the “single-check form” included in the back-to-school packet. Here is a printable version of the form.

Thank you for your support!