1. What is the PTA? 

The Addison PTA supports staff and enriches programs at Addison School through its fundraising activities, volunteer programs, school-to-home communications, and community building and support.

2. Where do PTA funds come from?

Funding for PTA comes from three sources — the One-Check Form, the Auction, and through Our Partner Programs. Currently ~25% of the funds come from the One Check Form, ~70% come from the Auction and ~5% come from 3rd Party Gives. All contributions are voluntary. 

3. What can I do to help raise money for Addison?

Participation counts big animal time!  Check out the Auction tab to see details about Addison’s upcoming Auction. You won’t want to miss this fun filled date night with friends and community! Help raise money for Addison by hosting a party or donating an item for the auction. Contact the auction co-chairs, Sharyn and Purvi, by email: addisonauction@gmail.com

4. How do I make $s I already spend go further for Addison?

Checkout Our Partner Programs to see which companies the PTA has selected to raise critical funds for our school. If you know of additional companies that might like to participate in this program please contact the PTA.

5. Why is the PTA Field Trip Transportation Fund $75 this year?

Each tax-deductible contribution helps fund bus transportation for school field trips. The Palo Alto School District cut funds, which contributed to buses for field trips. In order to help bridge this gap, the PTA collected a donation in the One Check Form last year.  This year the PTA is doing the same and suggesting a donation of $75 per Addison student. This size of donation keeps the PTA budget balanced and prevents a deficit. To make a contribution, please use the One Check Form included in your Back-to-School Packet. This is a voluntary contribution.

5. What does each $1 donated to the PTA provide my child/family?

The 2018-2019 budget is posted outside the Addison library. Donations go towards classroom tools/school supplies, field trip buses, education events/programs, and community building/support. Annual variations occur based on number of students and other budget factors. 

6. What is Addison’s Tax ID/EIN?